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My 5 Current Favorite Instagram Accounts

January 27, 2017

Happy Friday! I thought this would be a fun post since it’s a bit different than what I’ve done so far on the blog. In case you didn’t know, I’m pretty addicted to Instagram. It’s basically the only form of social media I use, so I spend quite a bit of time on there. (For real though, I’m trying to cut back. If you have any tips for that please send them my way.) There are so many amazing feeds out there, and today I’m sharing my five current favorites. I hope you enjoy!



This girl is so cool. Jaci is an LA-based photographer and her feed is the perfect blend of edgy and laid-back. Not to mention she and her husband make the cutest newlywed couple ever, and a pretty awesome team (he is a videographer). If you’re looking for fashion, home, food, photography, or just life inspiration, look no further.



I love Cassidy! She was the first person to introduce me to capsule wardrobes, which was huge for me! This girl is all about natural products, ethical fashion, and simple living. I love her genuineness and her clean, minimal aesthetic. I always learn new things from her which I greatly appreciate, and her pictures are all so pretty.



If you need some motivation to eat healthier and exercise, Winnie is your girl! She is inspirational, but more importantly she has a joyful and kind personality which radiates through the screen. Her posts are honest and real, and her pictures are always beautiful. My favorite thing about her feed is the FOOD! She makes healthy, clean eating look SO STINKIN’ DELICIOUS, and she shares every single meal and snack on her Insta story. Yum. (Oh and she even introduced me to BBG workouts which I am actually doing and loving, so that’s crazy!)


I swear one of the pop tarts is for my kid. I didn't eat both… or did I? 😂😋

A post shared by Caitie (@ktnewms) on


If you are looking for the coziest, prettiest, most coffee-filled feed ever, this is it. Caitie’s pictures are beyond gorgeous, and she has the cutest baby girl ever. And she eats pop tarts. And she loves Jesus. Enough said.



And last but not least is this sweet couple! Robert and Christina are bloggers who live in Phoenix and have the best style. I love all their posts, but my favorite thing about their feed is the home decor inspiration. They recently bought a 1930s house which they are slowly renovating, and I’m excited to see how it turns out. Also it’s fun to follow such a popular feed run by fellow desert-dwellers!


And those are my five current favorite Instagram accounts! I hope you found some new feeds to follow that will inspire you and brighten up your Insta-world. Let me know if you liked this post, and I may turn it into a series and share my favorites each month! 🙂

What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Leave a comment and let me know!

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